The themes

MAXIMISING the available resources and creating new resources based on sustainable development

Objective :

Given the growing demand for seafood products, the future of the companies in the industry depends on optimal enhancement of fishing catches and the development of aquaculture.

Areas for Research and Development :

- Using and enhance 100% of the available resources

- Diversifying the exploitation of wild resources

- Developing and consolidating the French aquaculture industry

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CHANGING the fundamentals of the aquatic food industry to promote the emergence of new technological and business approaches

Objective :

One of the ways of improving the competitiveness of companies is by making productivity gains. To obtain them, processes must be innovated and improved, integrating sustainable development issues.

Research and Development areas :

- Promote the emergence of new technologies accessible to the entire industry

- Make the production and processing cycle consistent with sustainable development requirements

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POSITIONING fishery products in future foodstuffs

Objective :

Companies must create added value in order to meet the rapidly changing markets (manufactured fishery products, etc.) and the changing expectations of consumers.

Research and Development areas :

- Diversify the aquatic food supply

- Break down the barriers to the consumption of fishery products

- Ensure the naturalness and nutritional balance of manufactured fishery products in order to open up new markets

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