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The first steps in environmental labelling in France were taken with the Grenelle Environment Forum.

In 2008, this law allowed the rights of consumers to be informed of the environmental impact of consumer goods to be included in the texts.

After this publication, the European Commission decided to take this a stage further by applying the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) general method to several product families.

A call for volunteers was launched in January 2014 but this only concerns agri-food products.

Altogether, around twenty pilot projects selected by the European Union will enable the most advanced businesses to test the feasibility of European labelling and to provide the Commission with feedback on the areas for improvement to be integrated in terms of method of calculation, the environmental data required as well as labelling format and display.

In order to facilitate the link between its member businesses and the European Commission, Pôle AQUIMER, in partnership with CYCLECO, has decided to propose a pilot project with regard to aquatic products to the European Commission. Using one or several assessed products, businesses producing aquatic products are invited to take part in the project in order to study and develop the impact calculation method for their family of products and, in order to test labelling, to propose the best solutions for environmental communication aimed at their customers (industry and/or consumers).


            - AQUIMER (project owner),

            - CYCLECO.

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 15th April 2014.


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