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The cleaning and disinfection operation (C&D) is crucial in the agri-food sector as it allows us to control post-contaminations relating to equipment and to the environment. This is a daily operation but monitoring its effectiveness is often limited to a few visual inspections and/or a few microbiological analyses of the surface which do not allow us to conclude that  organic residues are present  or even   that  «damaged» bacteria, which are incapable of multiplying under experimental conditions (viable non-culturable, VBNC), are present. The use of the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in real time and of confocal microscopy to detect various bacterial species much more quickly, will enable us to implement and check the effectiveness of the means of combatting and preventing bacterial biofilms more quickly.


The aims of this project are:

-           to assess how the presence of VBNC bacteria may affect the reliability and the sensitivity of conventional surface hygiene control tests,

-           to develop an alternative method which will enable us to detect and/or quantify  viable culturable and VBNC biofilm bacteria, 

-           to assess the impact of environmental factors (equipment, cleaning products,…) on  the viability of bacteria in single and mixed species biofilms.

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