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Kipper is a product made using herring fish split into two halves from the back, starting at the head and down to the tail, flattened, eviscerated with the gills removed, salted in brine and cold-smoked, a process that bestows on it a brown color.

Currently the phases of eviscerating and rinsing are done manually. To reduce the MSD risks and to allow workers to dedicate their time to more satisfying and less annoying tasks, but also to comply perfectly with health standards, the project aims at developing a special machine allowing for mechanizing the operation of cutting, eviscerating and rinsing, while retrieving the by-products that, moreover, may be recycled .


16 rue du Commandant Charcot
62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer F

Tel : 00 333 21 10 78 98

Fax : +33 3 21 30 33 22



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