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This programme is submitted on an experimental basis and aims to increase the level of maturity of businesses in the aquatic products sector with regard to their lifecycle thinking.
The aim is also to draw the necessary conclusions from it which will allow the collaboration of three players with complementary expertise in a restricted business area, that is to say, aquatic products in the agri-food products sector, to be capitalised. In order to validate this, the methodology proposed will be tested at regular meetings between partners on the sidelines of the action itself.
This project will enable a system to facilitate access to eco-design and life-cycle analysis for businesses from this sector to be put in place. The aim of the test carried out with 3 companies is to deploy it with several dozen companies. Moreover, the conditions for extending the system will be studied, feedback and recommendations will be given to public players in order to facilitate the generalisation of the approach.
Finally, it will be easy to offer and adapt this approach to other agri-food sectors. Indeed, the seafood sector is made up of small businesses which have not made much progress in this area. Efforts to involve them in the system  are therefore more important than for other sectors such as packaging or textiles. On the other hand, validating the system with a sector which is not sufficiently aware will allow us to identify and undo the locks which we may encounter when the approach is broadened.

This project will allow  businesses from the aquatic products sector to position their eco-strategy in relation to the competition, to make their needs known in terms of information and support for eco-design and their thoughts with regard to LCA , in order to improve their competitiveness and to  satisfy prerogatives in the area of sustainable development.
It is difficult to measure the economic benefits of this project but professionals are very interested in this type of study in order to find a way of being more competitive and closer to consumers by, for example, reducing the energy costs of their processes, reducing packaging…

 - Nouvelles Vagues Innovation Platform,

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 19th April 2013.


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