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Within a context of increasing world demand for seafood products, French fishing is faced with major challenges to be met: the increasing cost of energy, a very high accident rate on board present-day ships, restrictions in fishing quotas, the obligation to minimise the impact on the environment, vocational crisis and difficulties in recruiting trained staff,?
The ARPEGE project plans to industrially develop the concept of a 24m-long innovative trawler, the construction of a full-scale demonstrator and its qualification in real operating conditions. At the end of the experimentation phase it aims to offer the market a new concept for a safer, more profitable and more energy efficient trawler. It will constitute a new standard for the diesel-electric type trawler for a least the next two decades, and be an alternative to the existing architecture and technologies, which are often more than thirty years old.
At the end of the project, this demonstrator should then enable the development of a range of safer, more profitable and more energy-efficient generic trawlers and thus help to renew the ageing fleet.
ARPEGE therefore proposes a Realistic Approach to Generic Fishing.

This project, labellised by the Mer Bretagne Pole, was co-labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 1st March 2012.


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