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Considering the growth in the world's demography and the increase in food requirements, sustainable production of seafood products is necessary. While the exploitation of wild resources has its limits, the EU is intensifying sustainable aquaculture and is implementing measures to ensure the food safety of seafood products. However, the oceans are undergoing changes due to human influence, particularly through the contamination of the oceans and aquatic products, the increase in the diversity of food supplies and « deseasonalisation »  in the consumption of these products.
European legislation oversees the protection of the marine environment and the production of food supplies via the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the Hygiene Package.

The MSFD refers to substances likely to have an impact in terms of public health, but there is no strong link yet between the control of these same substances in the environment and their monitoring in the food supply.

The objectives of ECOBIOSS are to develop tools and write recommendations for the member states in order to effectively monitor the marine environment and to assess the risks posed by contaminants, biotoxins and litter in order to ensure healthy aquatic products. The differences in approaches regarding environmental control and the monitoring of food supplies, including their flaws,  will be examined in order to identify any shortcomings and establish recommendations to remedy them. The project will include both case studies and conceptual studies in order to develop innovative monitoring tools as well as integrate risk assessment procedures. Alternatives in the area of risk management and potential solutions for the mitigation of these risks will be studied in direct cooperation with industrial partners from the aquatic products sectors, such as shellfish and processed aquatic products producers. Structural links between key European workgroups have already been established by the consortium and will be fully integrated into the (WFD-TG9, EURLs, EFSA, SCHENHIR, CEN, NORMAN, ICES) project management. The players will be officially represented at the project's steering committee in order to validate the approaches developed and to ensure adequate communication as regards risks.

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of competitiveness on the 1st March 2012.


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