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Sustainable development is a shared concern and the scale of the challenge requires general awareness. Progressing towards sustainable development means that we must change our production methods and our consumption. Consumers and businesses have a shared responsibility in this respect and the role of the latter is indispensable.

By Combining :
- the strategic reflection lead by the AQUIMER pole, particularly within the framework of its theme « Modifying the basics of the aquatic industry in order to bring forth new professional and technological approaches»,
- the need for businesses in the aquatic products sector to integrate the eco-design approach,
- the will of regional institutional bodies to initiate and support initiatives on this theme.

It is essential to deploy an activity of general interest whose purpose is to analyse the aquatic products industry in terms of LCA and sustainable development in four phases:
- watch,
- maturity of the sector,
- identification of needs,
- formulation of an action plan,

This study was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 25th November 2011.


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