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The plan of this project is to compare the physiology of various fish species (species chosen: sea bass) that experience various nutritional conditions and which are  subjected to very sudden changes in salinity (salinisation and desalinisation of the environment). The European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax (Moronidae, Perciformes, Teleostei) is an excellent model to use in the deployment of ambitious integrative biology programmes. It is also one of the main European marine species caught and used in aquaculture. However, food accounts for at least 50% of production costs . Consequently, improving food efficiency is an important target when it comes to reducing these costs which could lead to a reduction in the ecological burden. Among the possible ways to improve, selection pressure based on differences in food efficiency is considered to be a promising method that could lead to a gain of 10 to 20% in body weight per generation, which is a much higher level than the one obtained in species of terrestrial vertebrates (endotherms). Consequently, an experimental and  integrated study on populations of wild sea bass, selected according to various environmental parameters (salinity and nutritional state) and at different stages of development, is envisaged. This should reveal the ideal characteristics linked to better resistance when environmental changes occur. These characteristics will be studied at different levels :biometric, anatomical, cellular, molecular and functional (activity of transport proteins, proteomic and molecular analyses) using the expertise of three well-established laboratories and an external partner (characterisation of the interaction between intestinal microflora and the digestive tract, depending on the various environmental conditions tested).

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This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 25th November 2011.


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