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The disposal of briny waters represents a high cost for businesses due to their concentration of chloride and organic matter. As it is not possible to consider eliminating chlorides (very high cost), treating the organic matter seems to be the only area where it is possible to intervene. Besides the decrease in the level of organic matter before disposal, the interest is to be able to re-use the brine and thereby save on water and salt.

Producers of smoked salmon, salters and curers and shrimp cookers are concerned by this problem. AQUIMER, the CITPPM and the ' Syndicat National des Saleurs Saurisseurs de Poissons' (The French National Union of Fish Salters and Curers), therefore wished, with the technical and scientific support of 'Adria Normandie', to carry out a study on some treatment techniques which offer interesting perspectives.

The various objectives of the project are as follows:
- to characterise brines (physiochemical composition and bacterial flora),
- toassess the different treatment techniques envisaged,
- to assess the cost and the feasibility of implementing these treatments.

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 22nd April, 2011.


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