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Smoking is a traditional way of preparing  food which has been carried out for centuries in Guyana. Currently done by hand, it has special flavours and qualities that are a result of the region's extreme botanic diversity.                                                        

When applied in a modern and mechanised workshop, this technique can develop the "Caribbean Platters" that tend to complete the "Nordic Platters" presented by traditional salters and curers. These products have the  benefit of a growth market made up of a young, festive clientele in search of exoticism and a life close to nature.
They also satisfy the taste in food in the Antilles Guyana region and the Creole and African communities in Europe.

It may allow the little exploited Guyanese fish stock, which is in good condition, has a superior taste and great potential, to be developed. Moreover, Guyana has pioneered ecological management of resources and has a future appeal on the market.

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 22nd April, 2011.


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