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DYMAPHY aims to improve the assessment of the quality of marine water in the region of the 2 Seas via high resolution monitoring of microalgae (phytoplankton) and the related environmental parameters by using traditional and modern approaches.
Its partners, who are specialists in marine environments or government bodies in charge of supervising the quality of marine waters, have decided to focus on phytoplankton, as it is the basic link in most marine food chains. It ensures the productivity of living resources and provides important information on the ecological condition of marine waters as well as indications of on-going changes in water quality.
In order to detect these changes early on and respond to them, the partners will develop standardised procedures and will optimise the automation of data analysis which it will be possible to integrate into monitoring applications. The partners will begin by comparing and then testing the existing monitoring and analysis tools and techniques used for phytoplankton and environmental parameters. They will then record, analyse and classify the signals. Finally, they will undertake sampling operations in the Channel, the North Sea and several estuaries in order to test their procedures and to make them transposable to other systems and other users. At the same time, they will take part in communication and popularisation activities, as the programme is rolled out, both for laboratories, decision-makers, users of the marine environment (professional sector), school children and the general public.

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This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness the 22nd April, 2011.


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