Digitalisation of traceability in the seafood products industry's logistics chain

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The general aim of this project is to encourage the creation of a dense and coherent network of a flow of exchanges between the different links in the aquatic products industry, from the vessels down to the distributors in order to reduce the incompatibilities between digital tracing systems, and to federate better competitivity via collective work.


 It aims to identify the areas for improvement for businesses in the field of digital traceability, better practices which can be applied to the industry, to build a solution which is adapted to the diversity of participants and to facilitate its adoption by the whole body of these same players by accompanying them in its implementation in order to share the technical solution and collectivise the financial solution to lessen the burden.


 This project was labellised by the  AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on 21 February 2006.


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