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The fraudulent addition of water to aquatic products and the use of illicit or undeclared additives which allow these products to retain water, means that unfair competition is on the increase in the French market and consumers are misled. This fraud involves imported fish in particular, among the most-widely consumed products in France.
At the present time there are no criteria or methods that allow these unfair practices of adding water, particularly to fish fillets, to be detected. Moreover, there is still no analytical method of measuring the unauthorised additives used.
The aim of the proposed study is to put in place analytical criteria which would allow this type of fraud to be detected in the fillets of the main species of imported fish. The tools developed will constitute an essential aid to companies and monitoring organisations in their fight against the fraud that exists in the French market.

This project was labelised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 13th July, 2010.


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