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The main aim of the COPINE project is to innovate in copepod (small planktonic crustacean) cultivation systems in order to secure the future development of marine fish farming in Europe. At the present time the production of alevins of many fish with a high commercial value requires a feeding phase using live prey. The live prey which is usually proposed is not very diversified and has shown its limitations. The development of aquaculture in Europe requires innovative technical solutions which are strongly inspired by the knowledge gained from research and pilot projects in the field of aquaculture. This proposition is inspired by the results obtained in a previous European project (POCEFF, 5th PCRD) which aimed to control the storage of copepod eggs and in which COPINE, the project coordinator, participated along with two of its partners. The COPINE project is based on the complimentarity between 11 academic and industrial (SME) partners who form a solid consortium and offer the critical mass to take up this challenge. The objective of the expected results is to benefit SMEs directly and the proposed copepod production technology can be exported more or less anywhere in the world where there is a strong demand for new technologies due to the rapid growth in the aquacultural sector.

This project was labelised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on the 22nd April, 2010


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