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Viviers de France, a company which specialises in trout farming and processing, wishes to promote co-products generated by its processing activities. This species is rich in nutrients of interest whose effects on health may open up markets for functional foods and food supplements.


Food is one of the new avenues of research for taking preventive action against cerebral ageing and Alzheimer's disease. This is a public health challenge that would allow the dependency of the elderly in our society to be postponed.
Viviers de France has therefore joined forces with the 'Nutrition et Neurosciences' Unit (U2N) at the University of Bordeaux 1, with ITERG (the French institute for fats and oils) as well as with the Saint Hubert, VAB Nutrition and Unither Développement companies in order to develop new products that would permit memory improvement and the prevention of cognitive decline in seniors.

This project will enable the development of extraction and oil packaging processes which are suited to the quality demands, volumes and types of co-products to be processed. The final aim is to produce a fish oil of regional origin which has total traceability. Moreover, different  formulation tests will be carried out and whose aim is to use the oil produced in margarine-type products. A clinical study will be carried out in order to establish unequivocally that the consumption of the proposed product by the target population under the recommended conditions, produces the alleged effects. These projects will allow us to determine the appropriateness of constituting a request for a completely innovative food claim.


This project, labellised by the PROD'INNOV Pole, was co-labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on 22nd April, 2010.


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