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The partners in this project wish to develop a double tool in order to help the fisherman to reduce his fuel consumption:
1) an econometer equipped with software which would make it «intelligent», in order for it to help in the decision-making process which, in turn would allow for a reduction in the fuel consumption of a fishing boat and
2) training in eco-steering.

The methodology implemented will be the following:
- definition of an econometer material protocol specifying all the variables to be integrated and their software module format. This protocol could then become a standard intended for companies marketing econometers and would thus contribute to lowering their cost. Two companies, Marelec et Ixelek, are involved in the elaboration of this protocol which can then be transmitted to other constructors.  
- development of a software module: definition and creation of evolved functions, which can be integrated into any equipment complying with the protocol extracting evolved indicators from factual data.
- creation of training in economical steering of fishing boats, making use of the new  available indicators via the new econometer.

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on 23 April 2009.


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