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Long chain (AGPI n-3 LC, EPA and DHA) n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (or omega 3) present in oily fish and fish oils have pleïotropic effects, that is to say that they act simultaneously on different metabolisms (glucose, lipids and proteins), which may themselves be linked to an insulin-sensitive modulation. A decrease in insulin-sensitivity(or insulin-resistance) plays a central part in the metabolic syndrome (SyndMet), a pre-pathological status defined by the conjoined expression of different metabolic changes and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. The high prevalence of SyndMet, particularly in the obese, makes this a major challenge for public health.An increase in the intake of AGPI n-3 LC could therefore represent an interesting strategy in the prevention of SyndMet and its pathological consequences. The objective of the INSULIMAR project to asses the effects of AGPI n-3 LC consumption on insulin-sensitivity through an innovative approach to ystemic biology allowing for the simultaneous exploration of different response axis to insulin. A second objective is to compare fish oils which differ in their EPA/DHA ratio in terms of their capacity to prevent insulin-resistance and SyndMet. The project includes two studies which focus on the effect of a supplementation of AGPI n-3 LC combined with  energy restriction on the improvement in insulin-sensitivity and SyndMet risk factors during weight loss (study carried out obese males) and on the prevention of insulin-resistance and SyndMet (study carried out on rats). The INSULIMAR project brings together three institutional public research partners with complimentary expertise (clinical studies, animal experimentation, metabolomics, transcriptomics, modelling) and a private partner who produces fish oils (COPALIS).  This project will be able to lead to a re-assessment of recommended nutritional intake of AGPI n-3 LC, in particular for populations at risk to SyndMet, as well as the development of fish oils which present specific EPA and DHA profiles in dietetics and human nutrition.

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on 23 April 2009.


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