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The main aim of this study is, at a national level, to be able to provide shellfish farmers with the means and the necessary techniques which will have to be transferable to all the French   shellfish beds  which are suffering from toxic efflorescences.
However, the generic conception of the procedures will also have to take into account the specificities of water resources from other sources (underground water, percolating water, decantation water?) particular to each producing bed for ulterior feasibility studies.
These studies will be completed by an estimation of the cost of the processes in order to validate the economic feasibility.
Finally, it will be essential to plan for the pluriactivity of the processes in order to lean towards the best possible cost absorption of the infrastructures outside times of crisis (e.g. shell quality finish?).

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on 23 May 2007.


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