Development of a global analysis for fish fillet freshness- Comet test

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The increase in the number of transactions involving aquatic products calls for increasingly stricter demands in terms of safety and commercial loyalty. We are also witnessing the development in the marketing of frozen-thawed fish, usually at a cost below that of fresh. In this context, having a method which allows us to distinguish between fresh products and products sold thawed is crucial for French professionals. The proposed project aims to transpose developments underway in other food industries onto fish, by studying the possibility to differentiate between fresh and frozen fish fillets and by highlighting the changes in their DNA (microelectrophoresis of isolated cells or comet test).
Here the aim is to improve quality control tools for businesses in the aquatic product industry and to have available a method which is simple, rapid and reliable to use, based on the implementation of the comet test and which will allow for:
- the differentiation of fresh/frozen fish fillets,
- the detection of double freezing of fish fillets.

This project was labellised by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on 4 February 2008.


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