Feasibility study on the implementation of an Ecolabel in the sea-fishing products industry

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Labels and private labels have developed over recent years, in order to certify the sustainable nature of products and thereby reassure the consumer of the responsible nature of his or her purchases.

At the international level, in 2005 the FAO had already published guidelines regarding the ecological labelling of seafood products. At community level, it is planned to organise voluntary ecolabelling schemes within a framework by the implementation of minimum requirements.



Wishing to contribute to the debate, the French fishing industry, within Ofimer, has entrusted the task of carrying out a feasibility study which aims to determine the conditions for the eco-labelling of French fisheries to the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness .

All the stakeholders in the industry have been consulted and tests with two fisheries have been carried out. This work has lead to the finalisation of a grid of 15 criteria / technical principles, to serve as a work basis  to establish certification standards as part of a future plan for eco-certification  and which should be the subject of a second phase.
The majority of professionals, whose study highlighted the obvious interest for these measures, would like to see the creation of an Ecolabel which is part of a public process, a token of a greater credibility and likely to attract a larger membership. A public framework would also allow for better communication on the actions of the profession within the domain of sustainable development.



The  second stage will consist of translating the selected criteria into certification standards within the framework of an eco-certification plan.
The final one will focus on the proposal for methods which could be mobilised to ecocertify fisheries.



This project was labellised by the  AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on 24 november 2006.


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