Training in hygiene and in good practices in the processing and packaging of products on board ship according to the  recommenda

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Watercraft  from the Boulgne, Basse-Normandie or Brittany areas have already generously invested in order to achieve a better promotion of their products, especially through specific training programmes in good «hygiene practices» aboard their vessels.

However, regulatory modifications regarding the sanitary approval of shell fish processing vessels  have been made following:

- effective date 1st January 2006 of European regulation n° 852/2004 and 853/2004 («Hygiene Packet») ;
- publication 8 August 2006 of the ministerial order specifying the approval procedure for professionals subject to these two regulations.

Amongst thelatter, the vessels in question must apply for renewal or request sanitary approval before 8 August 2008. This new approval will be based on an analysis of the risks associated with the handling of shell fish, from their fishing down to their despatch, in the shape of a Sanitary Control Plan (SCP) in accordance with the HACCP method. Within the framework of the procedure for obtaining this approval, training, in these different aspects, of at least one member of crew is compulsory.

This project, which aims to train 832 crew members from artisan shell fish processing vessels, was labellised by the AQUIMER  Pole of Competitiveness on the 8 November 2007.


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