Improvement of quality on-board

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The objective of this project is too offer fishermen the technical means to improve the freshness of the products landed and also to prolong this optimum state of freshness up until the moment of sale.

The study is made up of two phases which are directly linked:
- phase 1: Experimental study into rigor mortis in fish,
- phase 2: Improvement in the cooling conditions and preservation of fresh fish.

The objective of the first phase is to determine the cooling conditions for fish which permit the rigor mortis, stage to last longer and/or to delay its onset.

The technical and scientific data gathered during this first phase will permit the study and definition of the modifications to be made aboard the vessels within the framework of the second phase.
The economic stakes of this experimental study in rigor mortis in fish resides, therefore, in the follow-up which will be taken on board.

This project was labellised by the  AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness on 16 May 2006.


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