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Within the context of the Landing Obligation (EC Regulation 1380/2013 art.15), and the desire to reduce the amount of discards, fishing vessels with trawl nets operating in the English Channel and the North Sea target several species whose reference minimum keep size may vary (East side of the Channel: Mackerel 20cm / Whiting 27cm / Cod 35cm). It is therefore important to find a solution for reducing discard while keeping the commercially viable catch.

The SELUX project thus attempts to test new devices using light. Paired with other existing selective methods, the light devices seem to attract, or on the contrary, repel certain species of fish.

The FROM Nord (Fish Producer Organization) thus wishes to partner with IFREMER (French Institute for Exploitation of Sea Ressources) in order to test various selective devices (PMC or T90) accompanied with light. Two light devices are planned: PISCES and fluorescent thread. Both tools, recently created, are the know-how contribution from two project partners: SAFETY NET and Le Drezen. Test catches will initially allow for evaluating the possible measure and pairings of methods. Setting up an on-board camera on the fishing boat will provide initial results. After analysis (automated visual and video), only the most relevant ones will be tested, on their own, during a full catch on the fishing boats.

The target is therefore to attain a balance between reduction of discard and generated turnover, in order to suggest a sustainable method to be communicated to independent boat fishers.

Partners :

- FROM Nord



- Le Drezen

This project was labellised by AQUIMER on the 20th April of September 2018.


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