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COBOFISH aims at contributing flexibility to the industry via innovative techniques in order to: on one hand, make jobs in fishing and processing of aquatic products more attractive, and on the other hand, increasing competitiveness of fish-trading companies.

In fact, fishing is a business activity that is subject to tonnage and price variations, and that is facing decline of resources. The sector is facing two opposed problems:

- Decline in attractiveness of jobs relating to fishing and fish trade

- The need to add value to the maximum of landed species.

Thus, shortage in manpower in fish trade leads to the inability to absorb landed volumes that are exported, as consequence, to be processed abroad, and then reimported. On the other hand, even where there are mechanization tools that allow for performing operations on fish catch and absorbing more volume, these are still slightly employed in this sector. The costs of investment in tools of mechanization, which are very often specialized per species, are often an obstacle for fish processing companies.


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