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The cross-border region of France-Wallonia-Flanders constitutes one of the most urbanized areas in the world (more than 93% of urban population). This situation leads to massive daily flows of agricultural products, water and energy, coming from conventional agricultural production systems (42 to 67% of the territory). These systems generate a large quantity of CO2, waste water, and other wastes. The building of cross-border networks of Research & Innovation to increase transfer and broadcast of best practices in the green industry in general, and in the agricultural domain in particular, is necessary for the deployment of innovative solutions, in order to address this cross-border issue, and to improve food security and to contribute some environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Aquaponics is a rural and urban agricultural technique that associates, within one integrated system, growing plants and farming fish for sustainable, fresh, and healthy production of fish and vegetables. Aquaponics is a relevant solution to address the problematic issues of the cross-border region of France-Wallonia-Flanders in terms of water management, and food security. The goal of the SMART AQUAPONICS project is to promote transfer and adoption of this agricultural technique in the economic fabric of the cross-border region. The project proposes to remove obstacle that hold back deployment of aquaponics with the development and demonstration of an intelligent system of management of aquaponics systems, the creation of new products to place on the market to accompany its deployment in the cross-border region (management software, serious game), while supporting organizational and social innovation (new business models, new uses), and the spreading of good practices (training programs). The cross-border partnership brings together the entire value chain needed for ensuring proper performance of the project and a large and efficient broadcast of results of the project within the socio-economic fabric (companies, communities, public agents) in the cross-border region. The inter-sector cooperation within the framework of the project will stimulate innovation and competitiveness of cross-border companies that are partner operators of the project, and more generally the players in the domain of professional and urban agriculture.


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