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The UNCAFI project is carried out by InnovaFeed, a Cleantech company. InnovaFeed develops innovative processes for large-scale insect farming allowing for producing feed powder that is rich in protein by recycling agricultural by-products, that are not currently consumed otherwise. This activity contributes to the growth of quality fish farming by adding a new, lasting and competitive source of feed, as well as contributing to re-galvanizing agricultural areas.

The challenge of InnovaFeed is to develop a viable economic model that will allow for the emergence of this business sector. With the essential supply of substratum for feeding the insects representing more than 50% of the production cost, its optimization is therefore crucial for maximizing the economic value created.

The UNCAFI project is an ambitious R&D project aiming at reducing these supply costs. It is currently being labelled by the AQUIMER Competitiveness Pole. Its target is to define more precisely the zootechnical model for the highest-potential insect of the entomologic industry: Hermetia Illucens. This zootechnical model is the departure point for formulating a substratum composed of byproducts allowing for optimizing the economic equation.

The program will proceed from November 2016 to March 2018. It is built on three parts:

- Part 1: Fine tuning of the zootechnical model of Hermetia Illucens with the help of a test program involving at least 15 substrata;
- Part 2: Formulation of the optimal composed feed, meeting the nutritional needs and reducing costs;
- Part 3: Securing patents for intellectual property.

The UNCAFI project will allow thus for contributing new outlets for agricultural byproducts such as finely-chopped hay, or orujo pulp (olive waste) or grain dust. These products that currently have no recycle value constitute the largest potential for optimizing supply costs. Within this framework the UNCAFI project forms a part of the trend towards utilizing agricultural products that are currently not commercialized.

This project was labellised by AQUIMER on the 24th of November 2016.


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