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Post-mortem ATP degradation is a universal and common process for all species of fish. The current project aims at obtaining recognition of the quantitative analysis of nucleotides as an indicator of quality for evaluating alteration of fish fillets and raw shelled shellfish, by building arguments that will be subject to approval of the State authorities, and by finalizing development of a quantitative analysis kit that can be used by professionals in the sector.

The implementation of a quantitative analysis kit, and recognized criteria can, above all, allow for better verification of the status of freshness of fillets of fish species for which there are no reliable and objective methods, and can also help professionals in the their own quality control plans, or in the determination of the shelf life of their products. It can also subsequently be applied to shelled, processed, frozen, thawed products, or even by-products, and can also allow for obtaining information at phases preceding the change of status of freshness.

At the end of this project, and upon «recognition» of the quantitative analysis of nucleotides as an indicator of quality by the State authorities, the developer kit and method of quantitative analysis could be deployed fast for routine tests, by specialized analysis laboratories such as PFI NOUVELLES VAGUES, but also and above all, by companies themselves that can use the kit and method for their own quality control tests of products, on daily basis.


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