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Loss of stock in aquaculture is often due to microbial infections. Among the multiple pathologies that have been documented, vibriosis represents a major problem when it comes to farming shellfish and fish. The main disease-causing species for this pathology in fish farms are Vibrio harveyi and Vibrio anguillarum.

The partners from the AQUANORD project and the Marine Farm of Sanguinaires  from the Gloria Maris group, as well as their fish-farming clients, are regularly affected by these fish diseases.

In order to fight against this plague, this project is based on two complementary approaches: one led by the VIRBAC veterinary pharmaceutical group, involving the capacity of boosting the immunity system defenses of farmed sea bass by using innovative immunity stimulants, and the other, led by the ULCO university in France, is based on the understanding of modes of developments of the bacteria causing sea bass vibriosis.

The immunity response of fish comes after developing vibriosis, which in turn is triggered by the microbial virulence factors. Among those factors, adhesion and formation of biofilm are leading factors.

The second research approach developed in the course of this project will focus on the understanding of the mechanism of adhesion of this bacteria in the aqua farming environment, and on the study of the flora constituting this biofilm in its natural state.

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