Nutritional composition of aquatic products (phase 2)

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For the first time a food composition table, with scientifically validated results, can be accessed by all at

Today, it contains information regarding 47 aquatic products, (prawn, monkfish, whiting, ray, scallop, trout, squid, hake, mussel, oyster, bass, carp...). For each of these products the food table provides details about their content with regard to 20 nutrients (vitamins, minerals, macronutrients…) as well as fatty acids.

This data bark now enables professionals from the industry to promote the nutritional characteristics of their products.

Indeed, fish and shellfish are a treasure trove for our health!

Low energy density, natural store of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids…..

Moreover, the World Health Organisation and the National Nutrition and Health Programme recommend consuming aquatic products at least twice a week and to vary the species consumed in order to improve the nutritional status of the French population.

This project was coordinated by Pole AQUIMER with the backing of ACTIA, the European Union, France Agrimer, CIPA, CITPPM, CNC, CNPMEM, SDS, SNCE in partnership with ANSES, IFREMER, INRA, IPL, ADRIA Normandie, the Nouvelles-Vagues Innovation Platform, ID Mer, ITERG and ISHA.

In this study, the Pasteur Institute in Lille (IPL) assisted in developing an experimental protocol and in analysing and interpreting the data obtained.


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