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Associating at once both professionals from the fishing sector and scientists, the “Fishing LCI” collaborative project is, above all, an experimental one by definition. It is a matter of deploying an operational and consensual methodology that is suited to fishing products, and falling within the methodological framework of Life Cycle analysis (LCA). Following this method, references will be produced with the study of a certain number of fishing products, described using the triple items of data: species/fishing area/fishing gear. The collected data will be pertinent to the themes of «boat» and «fishing», with the addition of on-board processing of products where applicable. The analyses and the Life Cycle Inventories (LCIs) that will be created should allow for producing and making available some entry-level data on production phases (reference values), with an eye to their LCA. A methodological guide will be written as an outcome of the project (within 2 years), and the results will be communicated within the sector, with an eye to improving practices, and communicated to the public (interested in environment impact labelling). The LCI data in individual format will be fed into the AGRIBALYSE public database, which in turn is part of the IMPACTS and Carbone databases of the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Control Aganecy).



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