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The ambition of this project is to reach a method allowing for evaluating the viral risk of norovirus in foods on the bases of risk of infection in the strict sense of the term. Since the publishing of the ISO/TS 15216 standard based on research into the viral genome in risk foods, access to viral analysis became common place and affordable in France and Europe. The main weakness of this standard is the absence of information on the infectiousness of viruses, and its inability to distinguish between infectious and non-infectious viruses. Despite the absence of information on the infectiousness of these viruses, routine application of this standard in test plans leads to an overestimation of the viral risk in foods, resulting in unjustified withdrawal of batches of products from the market, in application of the principle of precaution. The target of this project consists of proposing an innovative method for evaluating the risk linked to human norovirus in shellfish, fresh/processed plants, with strict observance of techno-economic feasibility and business consistency considerations.


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