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Developing life styles of consumers have resulted in a true technological shift in the food domain. Thus it is noted that individuals set aside less time overall for preparing cooked food, resulting in a rise in production volumes of microwaveable food. This method of heating food, despite being well established nowadays, does not allow for providing an appearance and texture that are similar to those of foods heated on a grill, or in an oven, raising thus a lot of criticism.

To address this problem, CrispyPack proposes developing a new type of innovative and functional packaging allowing for obtaining a crispy effect when cooking with microwaves, according to the usual properties expected by the consumers:

• fast cooking between 10 and 15 minutes, for a gratin dish of 500-600gr (2 people),

• a nice appearance, and the nutritional quality obtained via other cooking methods.

• Obtaining a crispy aspect on the surface depending on the expected culinary result.

The project integrates all the steps of industrial preparation, from manufacturing and design of materials, until the filling of final packaging by the agrifood industry. The major innovation on this concept will be the introduction of functional carbon ink that allows for capturing and concentrating radio frequencies, in order to increase the heat field.


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