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This project falls under the framework of a call for proposals from the EFSA concerning identification of emerging risks within the food chain of products derived from fish farming, taking into account the major growth of aquaculture in Europe and in the world.

This project, built on several phases of analysis, aims at identifying the vulnerabilities in the production chain of aquaculture fish in the European Union, and in the world in the relevant domains for the European market, by studying the species of fish that are of relevance to the market of the European Union, one of which must be Atlantic Salmon, and while taking into account the production and the processed products for each of the selected species. The project should identify the vulnerabilities, and the key change drivers in relation to a future potential risk to human and animal health in the European Union.

Within due course, the project aims at testing the applicability of the analysis of the food chain on products of the aquaculture species in order to identify and monitor the vulnerabilities, and change drivers with the target of identifying emerging risks.


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