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In the Agrifood industry, water quality is an essential parameter for production, both qualitatively and quantitatively, with significant financial stakes. Within this context, it is appropriate to turn to alternative techniques compared to conventional techniques: one of these is the micro bubble technology proposed by  SLQI Systems .

The type of oxidation used (with air or pure oxygen) makes it possible to envisage disinfection without the addition of chemical substances such as chlorine or ozone, very reactive varieties which create oxidation by-products in the treated water and which have an impact on the environment and aquatic organisms. Micro bubbles have properties which are different to those of larger bubbles: high solubility in water, long stagnation and an excellent ability to dissolve the gas of which they are made. Although microbubbling has already been studied, the technology used in this project is new and particularly the  mode of micro bubble generation.

The ECOMAP project brings together a scientific partner, the IFREMER,  ‘Laboratoire de Sécurisation des Productions Conchylicoles’ and two private companies, SLQI Systems and ‘ UNIMA Frais’.

The involvement of these three partners will allow us to qualify micro bubble technology  with regard to the treatment required in farms and also in industrial processes in the processing of aquaculture products.

In order to accomplish this qualification, the proposed methodology is to first carry out a pilot study of disinfection performance and then carry out a study under real conditions on IFREMER’s and UNIMA’s production sites. In addition, a Life Cycle Analysis to compare this with other processes currently used as well studies on the characterisation of the physicochemical properties of micro bubbles will also be carried out.

Partners :

  - SLQI Systems,

  - UNIMA Frais,

  - IFREMER Nantes

This project was labellised on the 25th November of 2014 by the AQUIMER Pole of Competitiveness


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