Validation and comparison of several innovative methods to determine the freshness of fish fillets

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The decrease in the halieutic resource requires that we position ourselves in favour of top-of-the-range products. Quality, especially the freshness of the products, is one of the factors for development and differentiation of the French offer. Taking into account the limitations of traditional methods, the need to have available objective freshness assessment methods remains a topical subject for professionals in the aquatic products industry. In the context of a high increase in the consumption of seafood in France, numerous elements justify the development of research into the assessment of freshness and spoiling, especially the increase in the number of business transactions involving fish, the implementation of quality checks at different stages of the distribution process, and in the field of transformation, the importance of the choice of raw material.


Ce projet a été labellisé par le Pôle de Compétitivité AQUIMER le 16 mai 2006.


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